Hey guys! So as you saw in my post, I’ve been struggling with the whole “dieting for my wedding” thing. I have never been big on working out and watching what I eat (which is SO bad I know) but I know with my wedding being only 5 months away, I really need to stay on top of myself that I look and feel my best for my big day! I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I’ve been motivated lately to start my cleansing journey and how My Custom Cleanse has helped me with that. 
 My Custom Cleanse is an interactive website that allows you to cleanse the way your body works best. After completing a fun and simple questionnaire, the experts design a 14 day cleanse plan made just for you. Within a few days, you will receive a personalized kit filled with Goodies! Including your specific food plan, Food key booklet, specific and professional grade supplement combination and a delicious shake tailored you. There is no fasting, no juicing, just real wholesome foods and nutrients hand picked for you. 


How custom you ask?


  • There are actually 7,960,680 possible combinations that create a unique food plan made for you
  • There are 495 possible combinations of supplements chosen for you and mailed in your kit to get started

So if you want to change up your lifestyle and not sure how to go about, check out My Custom Cleanse and use CODE CLEANSEWITHBAY for 10% off ANY product or plan!  

About My Essential Base Shake:

ESSENTIAL BASE (vegan protein powder)
YOU: add to blender
  1. 1 fruit serving (use a green banana)
  2. 8 oz unsweetened cashew milk
  3. 1 scoop essential base protein (1 of 5 flavors)
  4. optional: 1 Tbsp cocoa, 1Tbsp PB2, tsp vanilla extract, ¼ tsp cinnamon
  1. REFRIGERATE overnight to enjoy the next morning
Essential Base is a truly delicious Dairy/Whey/Casein free protein powder. Finally something hypoallergenic that also was created to be the lowest carb vegan powder possible allowing you to add fruit, nut butter, chia etc.. I love the versatility of this shake powder.
Why should it be versatile? Same reason EVERYONE owns a pair of black pants- Just as we all look different on the outside, we are also very different on the inside and that is why we emphasize customization for food plans built UNIQUELY for each client. Some people may benefit from more carbohydrates while others may need more fats or fiber. So while you may have a banana-peanut-butter smoothie, someone else may have a chocolate-chia-espresso shake.

If you are aiming to optimize your bod and health- you should avoid splenda, equal, dairy, and dyes- so it’s key to have a reliable “base” you can have as often as you like! Having essential base 5x day wouldn’t be bad for you. 

Essential Base combines protein from peas, rice and pumpkin and naturally sweetened with stevia. It’s creamy and smooth and blends great in any beverage. It mixes easily in water or almond/coconut/rice milk for a smooth and creamy drink. On the go, simply mix with just a spoon, or in a shaker bottle, no blender required!. It’s also great in a blended smoothie with fruit of your choice.
So in conclusion – Check out and CLEANSE WITH ME ! It will truly change your life. 






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