Hi guys! So this is the first ever holiday gift guide I have ever done but I’m excited because I get to do it with Babbleboxx! This holiday season is in full swing and I know, some of you ladies might be having some trouble thinking of the most creative ideas to gift any man in your life. This includes, father, brothers, boyfriends, hubbies, anyone! So I have put together a gift guide of some of the coolest gift ideas this season to help you out. Check out these awesome brands below and see what they’re all about.
Hey guys! I’m taking you into my Hawaii honeymoon and everything I wore. This is between The Big Island and our favorite place to eat in Oahu. (We were obsessed with  Marukame Udon) We even went to this place for breakfast once! We also fell in love with Acai bowls that we tried all over Hawaii! 
Ps. For those of you asking about my pictures- Adam is still taking my pictures and he’s getting better and better every day! (So good!! ) 



This was at a coffee farm we toured where we were able to see how they make Kona coffee and even got to have a coffee tasting poolside with this incredible view! 









We took a walking tour of the lava tubes. The volcanoes have active in Hawaii since the 80′ sand are still going! It was amazing to see the volcanoes grow and to actually walk through the caves where lava had previously erupted! Insane experience! 







My boo and I by the infinity pool right after we had a Kona coffee tasting! 


















Looking this volcano view was incredible, to know that this erupted once and turned into black rock was just absolutely surreal. 




































Overalls are from Revolve (you can get similar here)
Hat is from
Shoes are Chanel 


Photo Credit: Hubby <3 font=”” nbsp=””></3>


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