I love Amazon. The prices they charge run from competitive, to super cheap. I now go to Amazon before any other site when it comes to buying nearly anything. Having Amazon Prime pays for itself very quickly, with free two-day shipping on thousands of items. And Prime Pantry is also a great option for many items, with just a $5.99 flat delivery fee for boxes weighing up to 45 pounds.

So, Here are 9 items you should always be ordering on Amazon:

Possible reasons why you are scared of starting a blog

Lack of time

So, you are scared of blogging because you feel you don’t have enough time for yourself, you have targets to meet up to daily and many more time excuses. But the truth is there is enough time, if despite the president busy schedule if can still create 30 minutes of his time every morning to the gym, I believe 5 hours a week is not too much to give to a blog. Are you waiting for the best timing? Maybe when you are on vacation or when you are really less busy? I am sorry to tell you that such a free time will never come if you want to start you better start it right now.

For you to excel in blogging certain things should be done and attention should be placed in certain areas. This post contains points that can help your blog elevate or possibly explode into greater heights.

When we start blogging, we usually experience this discouraging factor, where only a few people read or comment on your blog. But you can fix this, there is definitely something that can be done right.

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