how to style curly hairI am so excited to talk to you guys about my Curlipops 1″Tourmaline Ceramic Reverse Tapered Styling Iron from Bed Head  Styling. I get a lot of questions about how I curl my hair and my everyday hair routine and what I do to get those big bouncy curls. A little backstory; I have always had a little love-hate relationship with my hair. I have extremely thick curly hair, and that could sometimes be a blessing but also sometimes be a curse. As a teenager, I really didn’t know how to style my hair. I would try to gel it, mousse it, cream it, dry shampoo it, you name it.  It would either always get super big and frizzy when it dried or too crispy and hard for anyone to touch it. FAIL. At one point I remember getting so frustrated with my hair that I actually put a real iron on it. That’s right, my best friend and I had the bright idea of actually ironing my hair. That was probably the most damaging thing I could’ve done to it, to say the least. BUT as I got older I started realizing that my hair, being so thick and so big was actually a good thing. Actually, girls were starting to ask me all the time, “How do you get your hair so bouncy?” or “How do you have so much volume? ” or “What do you use to make it last so long?” how to style curly hair Long story short, as I started to embrace my big curls and learning new ways to do my hair, I started getting better and better at it. Along the way, I’ve tried many many different products. None of them have worked as well as Bed Head  Styling tools. The tool I have below is called the  “CURLIPOPS™ 1” REVERSE TAPERED STYLING IRON” which I think is awesome because it had a reverse barrel which means it actually creates tighter curls toward your root at the top, then looser curls toward the bottom. If that’s not complete volume, I don’t know what is!! I know you’re wondering, why would you want your curls tighter at the top than the bottom? Well, the beauty of curling your hair is having different sized curls, because that’s what gives your hair the bounce and volume you’re looking for. If your curls are tighter on top, then after you’re finished curling your whole head, you turn your head upside down, shake out the curls a little bit and you instantly get more volume on top without teezing!! Not to mention, it reduces frizz bc now your root is a tad bit curlier than the ends of your hair.  End Result:   Loose curls with outrageous body. Don’t believe me. Try it yourself. At 29.99 this iron is sure to help you with that stubborn frizz and that volume you’re looking to style curly hairhow to style curly hair

Take a 1″ section of hair and wrap it around the barrel, with the iron facing downward. Alternate curling each section left then right for a tousled, natural look.

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