As excited as I am for Fall, I can’t help but still want to hold onto summer for just a little bit longer. I had my best friend’s baby shower last week and you know one of those days where you didn’t fully prepare for what you’re wearing for this event, even though you knew about it months ago?  Well, that was one of these weekends.  Thankfully, I was able to pull this oldie (but goodie) out of the closet and throw it together with my pop red pumps and done! A great fun, and colorful outfit in a nutshell. (This is why I love dresses so much by the way) This one is from Zara like 100 years ago (no seriously, so old.. I think I wore this dress to a wedding like 6 years ago) But as I mentioned, still such a great dress which is why I linked a few similar below. Every girl needs a good floral dress in her closet for that random baby/bridal shower she’s just not prepared for.. am I right?

ps. Peep those shoessssssss (heart eyes)


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  1. This dress is GORGEOUS! Honestly, one of the prettiest florals I have ever seen! I’m so sad I can’t buy it! 🙁 I’ll have to scope out eBay and postmark to see if I can hunt one down! 🙂

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