Getting Ready

You’ll want to get plenty of pictures of the morning of the big day. Have the photographer go from the goom’s room to your room so that you can get great shots of both you and the girls and of course him and his boys!

















The Bridesmaid “Robe” Pictures /Flower Girl Shots

Have some fun with the girls!! If you have a lot of bridesmaids like I did, make sure you some fun photos. Use props, whether it be confetti, or bubbles, or whatever your heart desires! Make these pictures ones you can remember the day you got ready with your girlfriends for your wedding!!









The Artistic Shots

You’re going to want to capture all of your little details from the big day. Whether they be your shoes, your rings, your invitation, of other adorable little deets you poured your heart and soul into for pictures.






The Dress/His Tux

Make sure to get those shots of your dress hanging by the window and his tux hanging in the closet, or any other pretty memorable photos of the details of your dress being put on, zipped up, buttoned up veil, ect. Of course you’ll have about 650 pictures of yourself in your dress, but there’s nothing like a still life photo to remind you of the day you first picked it out.





The Love Note

Are you and your groom exchanging notes the day of your wedding? How are you doing it? Are you reading them out loud? Make sure you get photos of your reactions. His reaction and yours. It’s fun to look back on that and sweet footage for the video 😉

Fun Little Twists

I call this one “Fun little twists” because everyone’s wedding is different. Are there any special moments you are incorporating into your big day to make it your own? For example, I wanted to ride in the limo with my hubby, but I did not want him to see me in my dress until we arrived at the Venue aka “First Look” location. So he wore blindfolds the whole ride! These photos are the ones where he’s putting them on, getting led to the car with my brothers, my brothers throwing him in, ect. (all that good fun stuff)

The First Look

So the first look is my favorite part. It’s when he first sees you in your wedding gown. It’s such a special moment and to see his reaction is priceless. Make sure you get good shots of your first look (no matter where the location) for both your photo and your video.

The Bridesmaids

You know all that inspo you’ve been looking on pinterest on all the Bridesmaid poses? Time to use that!! Get all the poses you want with your girlfriends to look back on later. And same goes for him and his groomsmen.

The Bridal Bouquet

You’ve worked so hard on choosing the perfect bouquet, show it off! Make sure you get at least one detailed shot of your bridal bouquet (close up!)

The Decor

Your decor is always something that both brides and photographers tend to forget about. But you’ve put so much time and thought into planning how your wedding will look, why wouldn’t you have the perfect photos to show all your efforts? I’m sure your florist would appreciate it too.

The Cake Cutting

Get pictures of cutting the cake! This might be pretty obvious to some, but not all. Make sure your photographer is up front and center and ready to get the cake cutting shots. As well as any suprises 😉

The Portraits

 Make sure you get a lot of these!!!! I can’t stress enough how important these are. If you don’t have them, you WILL be sad. Take all the poses you want to take and make sure to focus on you two first before everyone else. After all, it is about the two of YOU. Capture all those special moments of just you two together, to look back on forever.

The Goodbye Shots

These would be any shots you have planned for the end of your wedding. Are you doing a grand exit? This would be those shots!
Photography: Jadore Love Photo
Linens/Chargers: LaSar Linens
Groom’s Tux: The Black Tux
Groom’s Jacket: Tom Ford
Menu Card/Invitation  Calligraphy: LoveyBrides
Bridesmaid Dresses: Terani
Bridesmaid/Bridal Robe: Joyful tidings Bridal

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