Hosting a dinner party can be so stressful. Making sure the house is clean, cooking a delicious meal to present to your guests, setting the table all pretty, the list goes on and on. The thing is, a dinner party can actually be super fun. Especially if you get right into the pretty presentation (my favorite part) 

Here are a few tips to make it an easier process. 

1. THE Cleaning

I absolutely hate doing dishes so I would make sure the dishwasher is empty and ready before the party starts. God knows, you’ll be filling it up all night. You’ll have plenty of dirty dishes after the party and you can just load as the night goes on. 


2.  Assess your inventory

I personally love when things match, but it doesn’t need to be so matchy matchy. You can mix in different silverware, charger plates and glasses so break up your pattern like below. Make sure that you have enough of each for the entire group. Pottery Barn is a great option for inexpensive table settings that look adorable. Like this Elsa Medallion Melamine Setused for my table setting. Keep it simple. Not every table has to be set with every type of accessory under the sun.


3. Grocery List 
Make a grocery list of ingredients your need to purchase.  Shop ahead of time for the ingredients needed to make the dishes you choose to serve.

4. Start with some snacks

A good dinner party also starts out with some snacks. Try a few famous combos like chips & salsa as well as cheese & crackers all always a good start. 
Having snacks is crucial so friends don’t get hangry while we finish up.

5. Prep the menu ahead of time

Leave dishes that need to be finished at the last minute, like a salad or a cheese display, for the day of since those are the easiest. Instead, fill out your menu with foods that can be prepared ahead of time. Consider a spicing the ribs or preparing the baked mac & cheese the night before, so that all you have to is stick it in the oven. Do as much of the cooking as you can in the day or two prior to your party.

6. Feel no shame asking your guests for some assistance

If a guest offers to bring something, suggest their favorite cheese and a baguette or a couple pints of ice cream for dessert. Also, don’t feel the need to cook every dish, go store-bought with at least one dish, whether it’s an appetizer or dessert.

 7. Set the table the night before

 It’s an easy thing to check off your list and feels so satisfying.




8. Choose recipes you have already tried and tested 

This is not a good time to try something new if you are cooking yourself.  This will help to avoid any disasters. If you are making a new dish, please do a trial-run and try the recipe out in advance.

9. Welcome help

Reserve certain small jobs for early birds. Offer the sorts of tasks you could give to an older child: setting out dishes and silverware, (if you didn’t set the table in advance) plating appetizers, filling the water pitcher, putting rolls in a basket ect.



10. Relax and Enjoy!!!! 

Hosting a dinner party is so much fun. Especially with good food and good company. Check out my items from Pottery Barn below and consider registering at Pottery Barn as I think they have the absolute cutest and most useful items for your home and can fit into anyone’s lifestyle ! 


Elsa Medallion Melamine Set of 4

Elsa Medallion Melamine Snack Bowl, Mixed Set of 4


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